East African Records is an international music distributor with professional recording studios, based in Kampala, Uganda.

We distribute [link to page in site] East African music to all legitimate digital streaming platforms worldwide (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, etc.) and assist artists with the legal and technical aspects of distribution. Our studio [link to page in site] is both a professional workspace, catering for all kinds of recording and sound design, and an incubator for upcoming musical talent. We organise live events in Kampala and the East African region, with an active network of venues and promoters. We are a community-based organization with international reach. We operate on a grass roots level in Uganda, meeting with musicians and media workers of all kinds on a daily basis. However, we also have strong international connections and decades of experience across different countries, actively contributing to the professionalization of the music industry of East Africa.

Our Team

Johannes Saboe


He is a Norwegian musician and copywriter. He was manager of one of Norway’s most successful bands, the [Frank Znort Quartet], and manages Norwegian distribution service XXXX. In 2005, he founded the [Wandegeya Brass Band] and has been visiting East Africa regularly ever since. He specialises in digital distribution, music publishing and new trends in the online music industry.

Semulema Daniel


He is a Ugandan film producer and music industry consultant. He trained at Kampala Film School and was the managing director of Yego TV in Rwanda from 2013-15. He produced Ugandan-British feature film [Imperial Blue] and has worked on countless music videos, documentaries and TV series in Uganda. He has a strong understanding of the Ugandan music industry, specialising in local promotion and artist development.



is a Canadian-Ghanaian musician and studio manager. He worked at New York publishing company XXXX, while singing with his celebrated underground soul band [King Holiday]. He has been active in East Africa since 2015 [?], working in talent development and production in Rwanda and Uganda. He specialises in studio production and administration, as well as local A & R

David Cecil


has worked in higher education and media in Uganda since 2007. He co-founded [Kampala Film School] and founded [Tilapia Cultural Centre], contributing significantly to the film and music sectors of Uganda, before becoming managing director of East African Records. He focuses on music & film production, capacity-building and artist development.

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